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Genre :: August 21, 2013

Royalty Free Cool Jazz Music

Cool Jazz from SmartSound swims in and out of consciousness, while continuing to weave its magic of laid-back ambience.

From Romance & Memories,After Five,” evokes elegant evenings of subtle candlelight and quiet entertainment.  Jazz Combo and Piano strike an urbane, sophisticated mood in this cool jazz ballad, also an effective background track for narration.

A little later in the evening, for On Hold Music, bring out “After Eight,” a jazz outing laced with liquid guitar licks and relaxed piano from album Light and Jazzy . You’ll feel like you just walked into a smoky nightclub, instead sitting on the shelf for your designated “wait time.”  Bluesy and intimate, it definitely makes you feel suave and cool, while you cool your heals…

Featured Cool Jazz Royalty Free Music

After Five
After Eight
Acid Jazz City
Lights On Low

Create an artsy atmosphere for your Indie Film or Short Film with carefree “Chops” from Thematic Essentials.  Agile piano trades off with a sexy muted trumpet over an unstoppable walking bass for a tight and tasty Jazz Combo quartet.  It’s cool and bluesy, yet energetic.

Need something a little edgier?  Check out Acid Jazz, Volume 1, ten bold tracks of 21st Century “Nu-Jazz” perfect for scoring fast times and big city stories.  Start at the top with quirky “Acid Jazz City,” a progressive jazz track fusing hip hop grooves with angular saxophone and piano phrases. Just right for any Short Film or Indie film off-beat subject matter.

Slick background for urban projects, “Mann Up” jazzes up flute solos over a Rap/Hip-Hop beat, complete with vinyl record scratching.  Wailing tenor sax swings all over the tonality galaxy in “Yeah Man,” while the beat anchors the song here on earth for a lively background.

From Atmospheric Jazz, ease into “Lights on Low” for Biography, Indie Film, or Short Film.  If this cut were any more relaxed, it would be horizontal.  A mid-tempo swing number lazy enough to support your coolest nighttime footage.

Cool jazz is one of the best represented categories in the Smartsound Music Library with dozens of tracks carrying the label.  Fact is, most jazz is pretty cool, whether  bold and funky, or soft and mellow, ready to edge up the sophistication quotient for your cool visuals.

SmartSound is Royalty Free Music that fits.