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Ambient Electronic Music

Genre :: May 18, 2015

Ambient Electronic Royalty Free MusicHear without Hearing
Ambient Background Music is ideal for productions in need of a particular atmosphere, emotion, mood or tone. Music innovator Brian Eno declared that ambient music must be able to accommodate various levels of listening attention and must be as ignorable as it is interesting. Ambient music is the type of music you hum along to without even realizing it’s there. Scoring your piece with ambient electronic music could be the hit you’re looking for. Check these scores out.

Chill Out
The album Ambient Drama has many masterpieces to choose from, including Deserted City which brings an atmospheric, desolate mood on with sleek and ethereal electronics. Check it out for a film drama, chill or indie production. Each Passing Moment is another winner as this brooding and mysterious soundscape implies tension and intrigue from wondrous electronic tricks. It feels ambient, atmospheric and ethereal.

A funky synth plays through Liquid Skies whose driving, futuristic pulse would enhance a corporate, science or video project. Liquid Skies has an ambient, lounge feel and creates a positive mood. Check out the album Core Evolution for more ambient music. Lighter than Air on the album Core Beyond is an electronica track with a light, ethereal, wispy mood that feels mysterious with a light piano and a downtempo beat.

Ambient Pulse
Ten ambient and ethereal soundtracks fill the album Ambient Pulse—with its varying assortment of chill-out music. Check out Curiosity and Quantum Dream as either can create the ebb and flow you want in your scenes. Both tracks feel ethereal and mysterious with their brooding and pulsating electronic instruments perfectly timed to create drama and suspense.

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