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Abstract World Music

Genre :: July 31, 2015

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Big cities are often loved for their diverse music scenes; especially world music which can be heard in every club and on every street corner. World music transports listeners to lands of mystery and intrigue, but when an abstract effect is added to it, well, now you’ve got some seriously awesome abstract music from around the world. Uniquely creative, world music always adds an element of surprise as unusual or uncommon instrumentation unites this genre.

Featured Abstract World Music

Across the Desert
The Puzzle Solver
Twilight Rooftops
Global Vibes

Bellowing and hypnotic effects open Memories from Subtle Progression as ethereal sounds create a pensive and reflective theme. Def Desert Dancing features Across the Desert with a percussive Middle Eastern beat that’s exotic, desolate and atmospheric with a bit of a hip hop edge.

Ambient Wonder
Amotz & Friends, volume 2—Action, Emotion delivers an abstract world beat with both The Puzzle Solver and Twilight Rooftops. The album features a wide range of music from live orchestras to ethnic, whimsical, and dramatic music. The Puzzle Solver is a suspenseful, downtempo, electronica production ideal for film trailers, video games and wherever an atmospheric, pulsating and scary tone is needed. Twilight Rooftops feels hypnotic, mystical and mysterious as the instruments breathe out soft, angelic sounds.

Global Vibes on Core Foundations is driven by hand drums, marimbas and electric bass to give this track an earthy, pulsating beat. Ethnic ensembles with lively percussion add an abstract world beat to many of the songs composed for this fantastic album.

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