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SmartSound Support: : Missing tracks from Sound Palette 01

Missing tracks from Sound Palette 01

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With the Sound Palette series it is crucial to update the SmartSound QuickTracks in your Studio 400 so that SmartSound can show you all of the selctions available. The update is located on the Sound Palette CD's. Included with your purchase should have been a piece of paper with instructions telling how to update Smartsound. Here are the instructions.

Studio 400 Users
Important Studio 400 Installation Instructions:

The Sound Palette series of CDs require a simple update to be performed to the SmartSound Quicktracks inside of Studio 400. From the Sound Palette CD run the program "D:Studio 400Updater.exe". The updater program will ask you to locate Studio 400 on your computer ("C:Program FilesStudio 400" on most systems). Follow the steps in the updater and that is all there is to it! Now you are ready to use Studio 400 with your new Sound Palette.