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SmartSound Support: : Can't location Quicktracks plugin

Can't location Quicktracks plugin

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Adobe Premiere 6.5 is delivered as a "package" which allows hidden files inside the package. By default, those files are hidden to the user. Quicktracks for Premiere 6.5 is installed inside the package. Our installer looks for Premiere's plug-in called 'HDLR-Titl*' which is located inside the Premiere package and installs the SmartSound folder in that location. In OSX you can see the contents of a package by doing a control-click on what looks like the Premiere 6.5 application. Then choose "Show Package Contents" from the menu. From there you see the application and a folder called "Contents". If you open that, and open "MacOS" and "Plug-ins", you will see the "SmartSound" folder.

Applications/Adobe Premiere 6.5/Adobe Premiere 6/Contents/MacOS/Plug-ins/SmartSound