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SmartSound Support: : QuickTime 7 & Sonicfire Pro

QuickTime 7 & Sonicfire Pro

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There were incompatibilities between some functions of Sonicfire Pro versions 3.0 thru 3.2.1 when QuickTime 7 is installed.

Upgrade Sonicfire Pro 3.x to version 3.2.2 to solve the problem. The update is free and can be found at:

We recommend that all Sonicfire 3 users update to the new version. Other improvements in 3.22 are:
  1. Compatibility with QuickTime 7
  2. Faster Maestro Performance (MacOS)
  3. Faster decompressing of purchased files[/item][item]Ability to import more types of WAVE file headers

Functions that were not working properly were:
  1. Online purchasing and downloading individual tunes from inside the Maestro or Assistant
  2. Online purchasing and downloading an entire SmartSound CD from inside the Maestro or Assistant
  3. Playback sometimes has dropouts (although exported sound files have no dropouts)
  4. SmartSound Demo and Training CD installations