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SmartSound Support: : Problem installing music downloaded from the web

Problem installing music downloaded from the web

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All music that is downloaded from the SmartSound website can currently only be installed using Sonicfire Pro 5.5 or higher (or Quicktracks 5, availble from Corel VideoStudio Pro X3, Roxio VideoWave 2011, and Cyberlink PowerDirector 9) . Make sure that you have at least version 5.5 installed before attempting installation. If you need to purchase music for the Quicktracks plug-in, please use the filter box from the music page to only display music compatible with Quicktracks, then ensure you add the physical disk shipment option to your order.

When you purchase music directly from the SmartSound website (as opposed to ordering from within the software itself), your music is delivered to the My Music section of your SmartSound account as an SSDL file. Log into your SmartSound account and click the My Music link. You should see your music purchases listed on the My Music page. Click the "Download SSDL" link next to the purchase you would like to install. A gray window will open that contains both the actual download link as well as the answers to 4 security questions that you will need to enter when you run the installation file.

Click the Download link to download the SSDL file. If you are using Sonicfire Pro 5, you can simply double click on the SSDL file. If you are using the Quicktracks plugin, you will need to open the "Albums" tab of the SmartSound options menu and click the Add button and select the SSDL file.

You should then be presented with a window where you will answer the security questions. Enter all 4 answers and check the box at the bottom of the window. If all of the answers match properly, the "Submit" button will enable. Click Submit to begin installing the music into Sonicfire Pro or Quicktracks. If the computer running Sonicfire Pro 5 or Quicktracks is not connected to the internet, you can transfer this SSDL file to that computer and double click it to begin installing the music.

NOTE: If the "Submit" button is still disabled, then one or more of the answers is not matching exactly. Make sure the order date is entered according to the date format used on your computer, and make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in any of the answers.