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SmartSound Support: : Will Quicktracks work in Pinnacle Studio 11/12?

Will Quicktracks work in Pinnacle Studio 11/12?

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Pinnacle did not include SmartSound in Studio 11 or Studio 12. However, many users have been successful installing Quicktracks using the following procedure:

1. Install the latest Quicktime Player.

2. Install Smartsound_Pinnacle_Music.exe
Besides SmartSound Quicktracks you also need to install "SmartSound_Pinnacle_Music.exe" which can be found on disc 2 of Studio 9 & 10's set of installion discs. (Pinnacle did not include this in Studio 11 or 12. If you do not have the Pinnacle 9 or 10 disk, skip this step and move on to step 3)

3. Install the latest Quicktracks Installer.

4. Test your installation
1) Launch Studio 12
2) Click on the Audio Tool Box Icon
3) Click on the Background Music Tab
4) In the following pop-up window, click the down arrow in the pulldown menu where you see Scorefitter.

You should see:
Smartsound Music (Owned)
Smartsound Music (All)
Smartsound SFX (Owned)
Smartsound SFX (All)

5) Insert your SmartSound CDs, accept the License Agreement & choose Copy to Hard Drive
6) SmartSound "Owned" should be appearing in the Source "Drop-Down" menu
7) Select Library Radio Button
8) All of your SmartSound CD's content should then show.