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SmartSound Support: : I have a coupon and am not sure how to use it

I have a coupon and am not sure how to use it

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If you purchased an Album pack or a Singles pack, you would have received a coupon code to redeem your music. To use this coupon code, add an album or single track to your webcart by either browsing our online library or by selecting a track from the Express Track window of Sonicfire Pro 5 and clicking the Buy button (make sure you are using version 5.7 or higher of Sonicfire Pro, you can download the update here).

As long as you are signed into the same SmartSound online account that purchased the music pack, the item should show in your cart with a price of $0. You can then proceed with the checkout process.

Once the purchase has been completed, you can download the music installer file (SSDL) from either the "My Music" section or the "My Orders & Coupons" section of your online SmartSound account.