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What is SmartSound?

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<em><b>SmartSound</b></em> is the revolutionary new family of audio software products that allows video editors, multimedia authors, web site creators and business presenters to create soul-stirring soundtracks in minutes instead of hours. It is the first and only software to approach audio creation from a visual creator's perspective - not a musician's. And, because of its patented, award winning technology, visually creative people can open the program and begin creating emotion packed, precisely timed soundtracks with amazingly professional results — in minutes.<br /> <br /> <b>How it Works</b><br /> It's simple. We take fully orchestrated, high-quality, real music and sound effect files and embed them with special information. This information allows our patented software process to manipulate the audio in almost any way you choose - automatically. This gives you complete control over the soundtrack creation process without the need for time consuming sound editing or difficult music composition. <br /> <br /> <b>Way Beyond ‘Midi’</b><br /> Unlike the many loop creation programs that require editing individual tones and layering multiple instruments and sounds in a complicated project file, SmartSound offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface combined with our studio-produced SmartSound music to help you quickly create professional, custom soundtracks that really set your projects apart. Light years ahead of mechanical, 80’s-sounding synthesized “music”, the award-winning SmartSound process lets you create tight, definitive endings that synch better to visuals for a truly professional impact. <br /> <br /> <b>The Maestro Process</b><br /> <em>Find The Right Music Right When You Need It</em><br /> SmartSound features a powerful, yet easy-to-use process called the "Maestro."(or "Express Track" in Sonicfire Pro 5). The Maestro/Express Track helps you quickly locate the musical selections that will most likely fit your video and allows you to audition them in real time with it. You can specify your search criteria and choose from such parameters as style, mood, intensity, key, Beats Per Minute (BPM) and instrument (such as "guitar", "strings", "drums/percussion" etc.). You can mix and match search criteria around the way you like to work. The new Maestro allows you to listen to any piece in the SmartSound music library – whether you own it or not and regardless of where the song is located – and, if you like it for your scene, purchase it and download it in minutes. Through the power of patented SmartSound technology, the Maestro offers you the fastest way to find, audition – and get - the music you need for your project, bar-none.