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SmartSound Support: : My Sound Doesn't Work.

My Sound Doesn't Work.

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Check that speakers have power and audio chords are plugged into the line out on the back of the computer.<br /> <br /> <b>Windows Users:</b><br /> <br /> From the Taskbar, double-click the speaker icon on the right side. The "Volume Control" window will appear. Make sure that the volume controls are up and mute is not checked. <br /> From the Start menu, choose "Settings/Control Panel/Multimedia". From the "Audio" tab, choose the Playback "preferred device". If the "preferred device" box is disabled or there are no options, your sound card is not working properly. This is a System level problem, not cased by SmartSound. Refer to the documentaion or technical support for the sound card or computer manufacturer. Sound card configuration problems can often be solved by choosing the "Advanced" tab and modifying the "Audio Device" settings.<br /> <br /> <b>MacOS Users:</b><br /> <br /> From the Apple menu choose "Control Panel / Sound" (on MacOS 8 it may be called "Monitors and Sound"). Make sure volume controls are up and mute is not checked. If you have multiple sound devices choose the one your speakers are hooked up to. SmartSound will always use the sound device that is set in the control panel.