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SmartSound Support: : How do I search the SmartSound Maestro for music?

How do I search the SmartSound Maestro for music?

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There are a number of ways to search for music in the SmartSound Maestro window. <br /> <br /> Things to note.<br /> <br /> Each heading in the Maestro window is a pop-up menu with further options. For example the "Find Music" heading can be clicked on to display options to "Find Sound Effect" or "Find User Files", etc.<br /> <br /> The "All" option will provide you with a current list of all music available from SmartSound.<br /> <br /> "On my computer" narrows that list to music which you have on your hard drive.<br /> <br /> "Owned by me" is similar to "on my computer" except in also includes tracks which you own, but did not copy to the drive. This feature is often used by someone with limited hard drive space.<br /> <br /> "Favorites" will only display music you have marked as favorites. <br /> <br /> "With user notes" will only display music on which you have made notes. This is a nice feature for keeping track of which project you used which tracks on.<br /> <br /> The quickest way to get to a track that you know has a certain style or keyword or word in the title is to use the search box at the top of the window. That box searches the title, style, description, user notes, etc. for each track.<br /> <br /> The best use of the "Scopes" or columns is to narrow your search. For example, under the first column "Find Music", select "On my computer". From the second column, drop down the heading menu by clicking the word "Style" and choose "Library" and from the resulting list, choose the library you want to work with. This will narrow your search to only to tracks which exist on a certain library.