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Can I use SmartSound music?

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You can view a summary of our Royalty Free Music License here.

SmartSound music is royalty-free music. This means that you will not have to pay any additional license fees to us (although we retain ownership or license rights in and to the music). If you are making a DVD or other such physical device (does not apply to digital downloads, which require no extra license) you can manufacture up to 10,000 units of such DVD or physical device. Above that number an additional license and payment will be required, please contact SmartSound if this applies to you. In some certain circumstances, you may be required by the TV or radio station to file what are called music cue sheets, which credit the composer and publisher of the music you use. This is the TV station's or TV network's responsibility and shouldn't cost you anything, all you have to do is report the music that you used and who wrote and published it (available for each track on our site). The TV stations pay a blanket license to the music creators through ASCAP and BMI for the use of their music on the TV shows.

For International Customers (non-US and Canada): Some of our music may require the payment of performance royalties in some countries. We cannot control this as these are typically state agencies of foreign countries. For a list of music that is exempt from such additional payments in foreign countries please click here.