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SmartSound Support: : Libraries from Dazzle and Premiere 6.5

Libraries from Dazzle and Premiere 6.5

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The Dazzle and the Quicktracks for Premire 6.5 libraries will work inside Movie Maestro, but they are a little more difficult to install.

Installation Instructions

Quicktracks For Premire

1. Launch Movie Maestro
2. From the tools menu select option then click on the music libraries tab
3. Click the add button
4. Browse to C:Program FilesAdobePremire
5. Double click on Quicktracks 6.5 Premiere.sdi

Follow the same steps above for adding the Dazzle DVC library except that you will need to browse to C:Program FilesSmartSound For MultimediaLibrariesDazzle.sdi

It sounds like you already have the Light & Jazzy CD added to the libraries list. You should check to see where the pointer is on the timeline before
you click the add music button. Sometimes you might have to zoom out to see the soundtrack if the pointer was placed beyond the timelength that can fit in the window.