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Premiere Pro CS5-CC 2014 Plugin Problem
Premiere Pro CS5-CC 2014 Plugin Problem
By admin

If you notice any of the below problems opening certain Premiere Pro CS5.x or CS6 projects, updating your plugin file should correct the problem.

- If Premiere hangs or crashes when opening a legacy project or a project moved from its original storage location

- If you cannot import a .wav file

- If Sonicfire Pro appears to launch on its own when you open the project

If you believe the Sonicfire Pro plug-in may be the problem, please download and install the updated versions of the Premiere Pro plugin from this link.

Close Premiere Pro, install the updated plug-in, then relaunch Premiere Pro. If you still have problems, please contact smartsound technical support at

Submitted: 10/24/11 (Edited 07/10/14)

Description: Check here if you have problems with your Premiere Pro CS5.x project after installing the Sonicfire Pro 5 Premiere Pro plugin.

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