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Premiere Pro/After Effects Plug-in setup
Premiere Pro/After Effects Plug-in setup
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You will first need to update your Sonicfire Pro software to version 5.7 or higher. You can download the patch update from the link below:

Once you have updated, you need to enter your plugin activation code. Click the Help menu and choose Plug-In Activation. Then select the appropriate plug-in. Verify your serial number is correct at the top and then enter your Plug-In Activation code. ***If your code does not enable the "Activate" button, make sure your activation code is assigned to the correct serial number on the main Account Overview page. Also ensure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the code***

Next you will need to install the plugins for the Adobe application(s). You can download them from the link below:

Download the applicable installers and run them to install the Adobe portion of the plug-in.

Everything should now be installed and activated and ready to go. You can initiate the plugin from inside Premiere Pro by clicking File>New>SmartSound or from inside After Effects by clicking File>SmartSound.

Once the plugin is installed and activated inside Sonicfire Pro, you will need to invoke the plugin from within Premiere for each track that you want to create by clicking the File menu of Premiere and choosing New > SmartSound. Then click OK on the New Synthetic window that opens and it will create a temporary connection to Sonicfire Pro. You can verify the plugin is connected when the "Insert" button in the bottom right of the Express Track window changes to "Send".

Once you are connected, you can then either select your song and custom parameters from the Express Track window and simply click the "Send" button to send the audio to Premiere, or you can click the arrow next to the Send button and choose Insert at Timeline to place the track onto the Sonicfire Pro timeline for further editing, then use the File > Send to Plugin Host" option (which will be enabled when the plugin is connected). Once the audio is sent to Premiere, you the plugin will disconnect. If you need to create a new song, you will repeat the process, or if you need to edit an existing song you can simply double click on it inside Premiere and it will reopen on the Sonicfire Pro timeline. In After Effects, you will select the track and invoke the plugin again and choose the Edit option.

You can find more information in the Help documentation. Click the Help menu and choose Sonicfire Pro Help. Then click on "What's New" and choose the Adobe plugin section.

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