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Do I need Sonicfire Pro 5?
Do I need Sonicfire Pro 5?
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Our award winning Sonicfire Pro 5 software allows you to easily manage your SmartSound library and export fully customized audio files. While Sonicfire Pro is not required to use the music, it makes it much easier and more efficient to preview and create your customized audio files. There are 2 versions of Sonicfire Pro 5:

- The free version of Sonicfire Pro 5 consists of a search engine (Express Track) to organize and display your library and help you find the perfect music for your project. You can then select one of your tracks, enter a custom length, select from the different available arrangements and instrument mix presets, and export the audio as a .wav or .aif file. When you install Sonicfire Pro and obtain a free serial number, you will also get a 21 day demo of the full version for your evaluation.

- The full version of Sonicfire Pro 5 offers unprecedented control over the length, arrangement, and instrument mix of your SmartSound music by giving you a timeline and video window to work with, which allow you to dynamically alter the components of the music to better suit your onscreen events.

You can download the installer for Sonicfire Pro 5.8 here. Once installed, log into your SmartSound account and it will automatically obtain the appropriate serial number from your account (if you don’t have a serial number in your account, let us know here and we will assign a free one to your account).

Sonicfire Pro 5.8 is a brand new version, separate from the previous version of Sonicfire Pro 5.7.5 and below. The upgrade to the full version of Sonicfire Pro 5.8 is $99.95, which includes 10 tracks from the new “Core Evolution” album. If you own the full version of Sonicfire Pro 5.7.5 or earlier, the upgrade cost to the full version of Sonicfire Pro 5.8 is only $29.95. You can purchase the upgrade through the software at any time.

If you have a version of Sonicfire Pro 5 that is less than 5.7.5, you will want to upgrade to at least this version by clicking here and running the update installer.


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