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Install/Uninstall problems-Error 1316, 1603, 1706
Install/Uninstall problems-Error 1316, 1603, 1706
By admin

If Quicktracks or Sonicfire Pro is in a state where you cannot install or unintsall it, or if you get a message that "Quicktracks Plugin.msi" could not be found, please follow these steps carefully as they will resolve the problem.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Save your work and Exit all programs that are running.

1. Download the Windows Installer Clean-up Utility (clicking this link will initiate the download of a file called "msicuu2.exe").

2. Locate and run the "msicuu2.exe" file to install the program.

3. Run the Windows Installer Clean-up Utility by clicking the Windows Start button, selecting All Programs and then clicking the Windows Install Cleanup icon.

4. Select ONLY the SmartSound items you are trying to uninstall and click the Remove button to remove them from the list. Then close the Clean Up Utility program.

5. Browse to the following folder on your hard drive:

C:\Program Files\SmartSound Software Inc\


C:\Program Files(x86)\SmartSound Software Inc\

and delete any Quicktracks or Sonicfire Pro folders that are inside.

6. Restart your computer.

The SmartSound application should now be removed from your computer. If you would like to reinstall, you can redownload the Quicktracks installers from the "Software Updates" section of the Support menu or you can reinstall Sonicfire Pro by clicking here.

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