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Can I Download Sonicfire Pro?
Can I Download Sonicfire Pro?
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If you have questions and would like to speak to a customer service representative, please call 818-920-9122 or toll free 800-454-1900. You may send an email by using our contact form.

Sonicfire Pro 4 & 5
You can place your order with SmartSound and then request via email or phone call that you be provided with the download of the software.

Sonicfire Pro 3
Yes. We offer a downloadable demo that has the ability to become a full version. Once you have the demo installed, you can purchase both the software as well as purchase and download additional audio palettes from inside the demo application. Just click on the "Purchase" option from the startup screen. Once the purchase is complete, the demo version on your computer will be unlocked and converted to a fully functional version of Sonicfire Pro.

NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LARGE DOWNLOAD - IT IS ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH RELIABLE, HIGH-SPEED INTERNET CONNECTIONS. THIS PURCHASE DOWNLOAD COULD TAKE AT LEAST 40 MINUTES. The purchase/download includes over 40 musical selections. You will also have the option to purchase/download additional music.

There are two versions of Sonicfire Pro available for download. You will need to select the appropriate version for your needs. The Digital Creators' Edition allows you to purchase the software and eight tracks. You may include additional audio palette downloads if you choose. The standard Edition comes with two CDs worth of music and also provides you with the opportunity to include additional audio palette downloads.

To request a demo, please visit the Sonicfire Pro demo request page.

Movie Maestro
Movie Maestro no longer has a demo available.

Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere
There are no download options for Quicktracks at this time. If you decide to purchase the software, the full version will be shipped to you. Click here to purchase Quicktracks for Premiere. If you would like to view a flash movie which demonstrates Quicktracks for Premiere Pro, click here.

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