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Installing 22k and 44k tracks
Installing 22k and 44k tracks
By admin

We ship both the 22k and 44k tracks on the same CD out of convenience. It allows us to save on storage and inventory and allows customer who purchase the 22k tracks to be able to upgrade to the 44k tracks with just a phone call. If you purchased the 44k tracks, there is no need to have the 22k music installed. Both contain the same music only the 44k is higher quality.

Your video editing software will eventually make the music match the sample rate of your project, so it is not important to have both sample rates stored on your computer.

Note that you cannot directly install 22k files into Sonicfire Pro 5. If you have 22k files that you purchased through the Quicktracks plugin, Sonicfire Pro should detect them as long as the files are in a location that Sonicfire Pro is searching. You can add folder locations for Sonicfire Pro to search from the Folders tab of the Options/Preferences menu.

Submitted: 09/16/09 (Edited 01/13/10)

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