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Reinstalling Purchases made within the software
Reinstalling Purchases made within the software
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Reinstalling Music Purchases for Sonicfire Pro version 5.7.x

Sonicfire Pro v5.7 no longer uses the eSellerate engine to process in-app purchases, and instead all in-app purchase requests are directed to the website. To access these downloads for reinstallation, please log into your SmartSound account from the link below:

Once logged in, click the My Music button at the top of your main account page. Then click "Download SSDL" next to your purchase and follow the steps in the gray window to download and install the track into Sonicfire Pro 5. If you are using the Quicktracks 5 plugin, you can find more information in this article.

Reinstalling Music Purchases in Sonicfire Pro 5.6 and below and Quicktracks v3.x-5.1.8

If you are using Sonicfire Pro 5.6 or below, or the older Quicktracks 3.x plugin within a video editing application, you can follow the steps below to reinstall your purchased music.

1. If you do not have your order information, please visit the link below:

Enter the email address used when ordering in the "Finding your order number" section and click "E-mail Order History" and your order details will be sent to you.

2. Open the software with which you made the purchase.

3. Select the song you wish to reinstall by clicking on the exact name as your original purchase. Some songs have similar names and starting the process with the wrong song title with cause an error. The song title must match exactly with the title of the song you originally purchased. Click the purchase button.

4. Select the exact item you purchased from the list.

5. After you read and accept the agreement, you will be presented with a screen which contains a button labeled "Start". Hold down the Alt key (Option key on Mac) and that button will be relabeled "Reinstall". Click the "Reinstall" button.

6. Enter the exact order number including the alpha characters (the eSellerate order number should begin with the letters "ST". Order numbers that begin with a "W" are for SmartSound website orders and will not work with this process. See the link at the top of the page to reinstall purchases made from the SmartSound website). Enter the email address you used when you made the original purchase. The order information will then be verified with eSellerate, and the track(s) will be redownloaded and reinstalled.

NOTE: If you reinstall your purchase more than 3 times, you will receive a message that your limit has been reached. If this happens, you must send an email to to have your limit checked and reset.

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