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Moving your sound files to another drive
Moving your sound files to another drive
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You must keep your Sonicfire Pro 5 software installed on your main hard drive, but you can store the large sound files onto a separate drive.

1. First create a folder on your external drive where you would like to store the music. Call this folder "SmartSound Music" or anything you like.

2. Open Sonicfire Pro 5. Click the Tools menu and choose Options (if on a PC) or click the Sonicfire Pro menu and choose Preferences (if on a Mac). Then select the Folders tab of the Options/Preferences menu.

3. Now click the "Add Folder" button at the bottom of the Folders tab. Select the folder that you created in Step 1. This will add the chosen folder to the list.

4. Next, select the newly added folder in the list at the bottom of the Folders tab. Now click the "Set Copy Destination" button. This will set the selected folder as the new location for sound files to be stored in when you install new music.

5. Now click the link at the top of the Folders tab that says "Click here to browse this folder" (or if on a Mac, click the Browse button). This will open a window in the SmartSound directory on your local hard drive.

6. Inside the SmartSound directory, open the "Sound Files" folder. You should now close Sonicfire Pro as well.

7. Now move all of the files inside the Sound Files folder into the custom folder on your external hard drive. All of the sound files will have a .sds extension. (You can ignore the "Sound Files Hits" and "Sound Files Modified" folders, as those need to remain on the local drive.)

8. Once the files have been moved, relaunch Sonicfire Pro. The sound files will now be detected in their new location and made available.

All owned tracks should display a blue icon next to them in the Express Track window. If the icon is gray, that means that the sound file(s) for that track are not accessible. Verify the drive is mounted and accessible and that your correct folder is set in the Folders tab.

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