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How to Install an album in Pinnacle 8-9.2
How to Install an album in Pinnacle 8-9.2
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Here is the process for installing new sound files in Studio 8 & 9.

1. Run the Studio application.
2. Select "Generate Background Music" from the Toolbox menu.
3. Insert your new SmartSound Audio-Palette CD into your CD-ROM drive.
4. The Studio application asks you if you want to add the 22k Audio-Palette. If the CD has both 22kHz & 44kHz libraries, you will then be asked to add the 44kHz Pro library as well. If you did not purchase the 44kHz library, click No. You must have purchased the 44kHz license to install that library. You will be prompted for an unlocking code. (There is a chance you will not be asked this question. If you are not, complete steps 5 and 6 and then skip to step 8 below)
5. Click the "SmartSound" button under the third column in the Generate Background Music window.
6. Click on the "More Music" tab and then the "Librarian" button. (You will now see a two-column display. The left is a list of CDs you have installed and the right is a list of the selections for each CD.)
7. Click the name of the library. You will see the selection in the right-hand column. Click the name of a selection and then click the "Copy" button. After a short process, Pinnacle will place a check mark next to that track. The check mark indicates that the sound file has been copied to your hard drive. You can continue to copy the sound files you want in the same manner.
If you want to copy the entire list, click the first sound file name, scroll to the last sound file name and shift-click that title ("shift-click" means holding the shift key while you click). Once the entire list is highlighted, click the "Copy" button. (This process will take a few minutes but you should see Pinnacle place a check mark next to each track that was copied.)

If you did not receive the question about adding the Audio-Palette do the following:

8. From the Librarian window, click the "Add" button located under the first column and find your way to the Audio-Palette CD.
9. Find the Library you're trying to install from the Library Enabler folder on the CD.
10. Double-click the appropriate Library and the name of the CD will appear in the left column of the Librarian window. Return to Step 7 to copy the CD to your hard Drive.

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