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Can I upgrade Single Layer tracks?
Can I upgrade Single Layer tracks?
By admin

Unfortunately, no. When we developed our library of SmartSound music discs, we couldn't anticipate the future advances we would make in music production. Therefore, when the music was recorded it was done so in the normal fashion, with all instruments mixed together and saved as a single track of music. There isn't a way to split the recording up, we'd have to have our music suppliers re-record all of the music in the library and record it instrument by instrument. And that's cost prohibitive; we would have to sell the discs at a far higher cost than $99.95 to pay for that work (when you would be expecting to pay less than $99.95, since you already paid for the music in its original format).

So the old discs will continue to work great, but not in multi-layer format. But be assured that we have lots of multi-layer content in development, and over half of our library is currently multilayer music. We will make sure that we continue to release additional Multi-Layer discs in a variety of styles just as quickly as we can.

Submitted: 09/16/09 (Edited 11/08/12)

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