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The installer is asking for my IP address?
The installer is asking for my IP address?
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The SSDL music installer files require that you answer 4 security questions upon installation. The answers to all 4 questions can be found on the same page that you download the SSDL file from. Log into your SmartSound account and click the Downloads link to access your downloads. Then click the green arrow next to one of your purchases. This will open up a gray window that will have the answers to all of the security questions as well as the link to download the file.

This information as well as the link to download the SSDL installer file remain available in your SmartSound account for 30 days, after which the answers and files are removed from our servers. You will still see your purchases and orders, but the green arrow link will be removed. We recommend that you back up the SSDL files along with a copy of the security answers in case you need to reinstall your music in the future.

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