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Will Quicktracks work in Pinnacle Studio 14?
Will Quicktracks work in Pinnacle Studio 14?
By admin

Unfortunately Pinnacle Studio 14 does not support the Quicktracks plugin. The audio interface of Studio 14 was redesigned and Pinnacle has decided not to continue supporting backwards compatibility with the SmartSound Quicktracks plugin.

Currently, your only options are to either keep a copy of an earlier version of Studio installed (8-12), or to use our standalone software, Sonicfire Pro 5. Since Sonicfire Pro 5 runs on its own, it can create audio files that are compatible with any video or audio editing software, and we now give the Express Track version away for free. You can find more information on Sonicfire Pro 5 at the link below:

Sonicfire Pro 5 can now integrate with Pinnacle Studio v15 and Avid Studio v1! To learn more, click here.

Submitted: 02/08/10 (Edited 03/09/11)

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