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Backup your SmartSound Library - Windows
Backup your SmartSound Library - Windows
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The SmartSound music library consists of a number of folders on your hard drive. To back-up the SmartSound database and all of your locally stored music files, copy the SmartSound Software folder from the following location: <br /> <br /> <b>Windows XP</b>: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SmartSound Software Inc\ (<em>note the Application Data folder is hidden by default in Windows XP</em>) <br /> <br /> <b>Windows Vista or Windows 7</b>: C:\ProgramData\SmartSound Software<br /> <br /> To show hidden files and folders, browse to your C: drive. There will be a menu at the top of the Windows Explorer window. Click the Tools menu and select Folder Options. Select the View tab and place a dot next to "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Click the Apply and OK buttons.<br /> <br /> You can also access this folder from the SmartSound options window. Select the Folders tab and click the "Click Here to Browse this Folder" link.<br /> <br /> If you do not keep your sound files in the default folder, make sure that you also back-up the folder that contains your sound files.

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