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Error reading setup initialization file
Error reading setup initialization file
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This problem can be caused by a damaged download, or by old files in your Windows install directory.<br /> <br /> Search your hard drive for a file called "<b>SmartSound Movie Maestro Demo.msi</b>", or possibly any file with an MSI extension. (Be sure to select the option to "look in system folders".) This should direct you to the temporary directory that Microsoft installer is using (Windows XP should use C<img src="/support/templates/images_default/smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0" alt="grin" />ocuments and Settings<em>User Name</em>Local SettingsTemp). You might find a the MSI file in a folder named something similar to "_isC3" or in a folder named "{CAC55CB1-77EE-492D-A136-36755AED0D02}". If you find these folders, delete them. The Movie Maestro installation should work fine after you do this.<br /> <br /> If you still have problems, it is probably because the install file itself is damaged. Delete it from your PC, and download a fresh copy from <a href="" ></a>

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