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Quicktracks starts when I import a WAV file
Quicktracks starts when I import a WAV file
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<b>Compatibility with Premiere Pro 1.5</b><br /> "Quicktracks for Premiere Pro" must be updated to version 3.01 or later to be compatible with Premiere Pro 1.5. The current version of Quicktracks for Premiere Pro is now 3.02 (released 6/21/04).<br /> <br /> <b>Details</b><br /> Adobe has released Premiere Pro 1.5. Adobe changed something in Premiere so that every WAV file which is imported is handed to the Quicktracks Plug-in. However, the Quicktracks plug-in is only designed to work with SmartSound music files. The result is that Quicktracks works just fine for SmartSound files, but inhibits the correct function of all external WAV sound files.<br /> <br /> We have an update for Quicktracks for Premiere Pro 1.5 which addresses the conflicts between Quicktracks and other WAV files. The updater requires that you have SmartSound Quicktracks for Premiere installed on your system.<br /> <br /> <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">Download the Updater</a>

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