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Using Quicktracks in Premiere Elements 1-4
Using Quicktracks in Premiere Elements 1-4
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Adobe Premiere® Elements is Adobe's entry-level Non-linear Video Editing software. This off shoot of Adobe Premiere Pro is geared for the non-professional user. Our SmartSound plug-in for Premiere Pro, Quicktracks®, works with Premiere Elements but requires some minor changes in user procedures. <br /> <ol> <li>During the installation process, Quicktracks will display a message stating that the installer cannot find Adobe Premiere Pro. However, this dialog box allows you to point to the folder, which contains Adobe Premiere Elements. Simply find and select the Premiere Elements folder, and you will be able to complete the installation. <li>Accessing the Quicktracks plug-in in Elements requires a different set of steps than in Premiere Pro. To access SmartSound from Premiere Elements, follow the steps in this imag </ol> <br /> <br /> <b>Premiere Elements 2</b><br /> <img src="" border="0"><br /> <br /> <b>Premiere Elements 3</b><br /> <img src="" border="0"><br /> <br /> <b>Premiere Elements 4</b><br /> <img src="" border="0"><br /> <br /> That is all you need to know to work with SmartSound Quicktracks for Premiere Pro inside the Premiere Elements software.

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