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SmartSound is asking for the Dimmensions CD
SmartSound is asking for the Dimmensions CD
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Library Enablers files tell SmartSound which CDs you have. If you do not have a CD named "Dimensions", then you do not want the Dimensions library enablers installed because SmartSound will then ask for the CD. One way this situation can occur is if you downloaded and installed a "Dimensions" update from our web site or from another CD. Another is if you installed the Quicktracks plugin at any point - as some of the free music that comes with the plugin is part of the "Dimensions" album<br /> <br /> To correct the situation, you need to uninstall the Dimensions library. In Sonicfire Pro 5 click Tools>Options and choose Albums. Remove any instance of Dimensions and Extra Dimensions by selecting the title and clicking the Remove button. This should tell SmartSound not to ask for the Dimensions CD. Sonicfire Pro 5 may still associate certain tracks with the Dimensions album however if it has no other album to associate those tracks to.

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