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Reinstall music purchsaed through SFP/Quicktracks
Reinstall music purchsaed through SFP/Quicktracks
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When you purchase a song or a CD by download, you are emailed a receipt that includes an order code (the code starts with "ST"). It is a good idea to print this receipt and store it in case you need to re-install your purchase at a later time. To perform a re-installation, just do the following steps:<br /> <br /> 1. Open the Maestro.<br /> 2. Select the track in question<br /> 3. Initiate a Purchase<br /> 4. On the third window of the purchase process you will see a button labeled "Start". Hold down the Alt key and you will see it change to "Reinstall". <br /> 5. Click the Reinstall button and enter your order number (that's the number that starts with "ST") and email address. <br /> The track will download and install again for you.<br /> <br /> If you have lost your order number, you can visit the eSellerate site to print out a list of our purchases and order codes. Just go to <a href="" ></a> and enter your email address, and they will email you a list of all orders and order codes you have made.

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