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My computer is not connected to the internet.
My computer is not connected to the internet.
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If your computer is not connected to the internet, you can still use Sonicfire Pro, but certain features will not be availalbe such as audio previews, library updates, and the automatic download of any missing enabler files. This may cause a problem if you purchase a single track download and transfer it the isolated computer. If you purchased a newer track and the library is not up to date, it may not recognize it after installation, and also will not be able to obtain the enabler file. The easiest solution is to temporarily connect to the internet and do a Library Update Check (found in the Tools menu on a PC or the Help menu on a Mac). Then attempt to play the track while connected and the missing enabler file should download automatically. If this is not an option, the next best solution would be to install Sonicfire Pro onto a 2nd machine (your software license allows installation on up to 2 machines). Then use the connected machine to purchase and install the music. Once installed, you can copy the installed files over to the same location on the isolated machine. For more assistance please email support(at)

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