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Click Here to Select Music freeze
Click Here to Select Music freeze
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This is a very rare problem. Here is an outline of the steps necessary for its resolution.

1. Open Premiere
2. Click File>New>SmartSound
3. Select "Click here to select music"
4. When the window appears to freeze, hold down Alt+Spacebar.
You will notice a menu pop-up; most likely at the bottom right of the screen.
5. Select Move and then push any of the arrow keys once. This will adhere the missing window to your mouse.
6. Drag the window to the middle of the screen and click.
7. This will cause the window to drop in the proper location.
8. Close the Maestro and then close Premiere.
9. Reopen Premiere to test. It should be working fine. The location of the window gets written to the registry each time you exit the program.
10. Once this process is completed successfully, download and install the latest Quicktracks update.

Submitted: 09/17/09

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