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Missing libraries
Missing libraries
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When you install Sonicfire Pro the software opens and performs a migration process. This process moves all SmartSound sound files to a common area on your computer. The installer is supposed to add a new sound files path in Quicktracks for Premiere that points to this common area, but sometimes it does not work properly. In that case you will need to first find the directory where Sonicfire is storing the sound files. You can easily find this location by running Sonicfire Pro, and selecting "options" from the "View" menu. Once the preferences window is open click on the folder tab and click on the link that says "click here to browse this folder". This will open the area where Sonicfire Stores the Sound files and Libraries. Please note the path since it is different on each Windows operating system.

The next step is to add a sound files path in Quicktracks for Premiere. Follow the steps below:

1. Run Premiere
2. From the File menu select New-->SmartSound
3. Click on the librarian button
4. In the lower portion of the librarian window click on the add folder button
5. Browse to the Sound file location that you noted earlier

Now both programs should read the same sound files.

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