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Reinstalling a download
Reinstalling a download
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Error Message:
"The order information you entered does not match our records. Please double-check your entry and try again."

This problem occurs when you attempt to reinstall a previously downloaded item. There are three things which eSellerate uses to verify your order. These are:

1. Title of the track
2. Order Number
3. Email

Therefore you must reinstall by selecting the same track which you originally purchased. When prompted you must include the entire order number including the Alpha characters (currently "ST"). You order number should look something like ST######. Finally you must enter the same email address as you did when you originally downloaded the item.

If you have lost your order number, you can visit the eSellerate site to print out a list of our purchases and order codes. Just go to and enter your email address, and they will email you a list of all orders and order codes you have made.

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