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Production :: February 04, 2015

Royalty Free Trailer MusicTrailer music has a vital role to fill in filmography. The advance guard of marketing; it needs to convey the essence of the movie in 2 minutes, 30 seconds or less, along with strategically selected scenes. Often the trailer music does not even appear in the film, as the trailer must be produced up to a year before the movie’s release date, and the music score is usually the last creative work on the film.

Thus the choice of Royalty Free Trailer Music has to be spot on, and usually at a heightened level of intensity or mood-conveying qualities to do its job.

Featured Royalty Free Trailer Music

Beyond The Kingdom
Divided By Oceans
American Buddha
The Puzzle Solver
The Magical Door

Action & Trailer Production Music

Check out Amotz Plessner & Friends Volume 4 Massive Action & Trailer for heavy action-adventure film trailers. With powerful drama, Beyond the Kingdom, cues up a major battle in your epic tale. The accent is on serious, competitive and driving. 

No less dramatic, but more soaring than staccato, Divided by Oceans features driving world percussion, for an expansive, striving, hopeful tone. Hints of Harry Potter? Melancholy, pensive ballad, No Solace somberly foretells a movie replete with scenes of loss and reflection.

Emotional Production Music

From Volume 2, Action, Emotion of the same series, bring in energetic American Buddha; its soothing pattern of Asian percussion builds with a mystical, yet edgy beat to a vibrant texture. This Royalty Free Trailer Music tells the tale of a mysterious, confident cinematic tale to come.

Don’t miss the unique, pulsating strains of The Puzzle Solver. Unusual percussion tracks signals suspense, and investigative operations of a sneaky, abstract nature.

The more gentle, atmospheric project finds a perfect champion in Twilight Rooftop a calm, minimalist background for scenes of discovery and wonder.

When it comes to trailers, SmartSound Royalty Free Music holds all the keys to The Magical Door, (on Indie Score)—quirky, and lighthearted, it symbolizes the sleight of hand of all good trailers. Whether heavy and dramatic, or slightly comedic, trailers provide the perfect entrée to build suspense for your next cinematic masterpiece.

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