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Genre :: March 25, 2014

Nu Skool Royalty Free MusicLike dub music, Hip Hop developed first as a purely instrumental offshoot of African-American music, in the 1970’s. Part of its origin was block parties in the Bronx area of New York City, where DJ’s started isolating the percussion breaks of popular funk and soul music songs.

Vocals in the form of rap, breaths, or monosyllables were added over the top, and a whole new style was born. One legend of the origin of the term has rapper Keith Cowboy mocking a friend who’d just joined the Army with the nonsense phrase “hip/hop hip/hop” to mimic the marching soldiers.

The music adapts well to the dance floor, and hint of the march seems clear once you’re aware of the reference.

Featured Royalty Free Hip Hop Music

Late Nite Buzz
Down My Street
East To The West
Love & Passion
No Remorse
Royalty free Hip Hop album Nu Skool brings us slammin’ cuts like bold Bankhead to Buckhead. Aggressive synth work marks this Rap/Hip Hop track designed to set your Commercials, Indie Films and Short Films at cruising speed. Electronic instruments bring the party right back to you. Percussion keeps an iron hand on brooding, processional His Royal Hustler, as well, pulsating a serious street march.

The pace switched to soulful syncopation with Big Mackin, for urban-themed stories, and the sensual outing glides along in unmistakable shades of 70's love songs. Hip Hop percussion underlays exotic tracks from Def Desert Dancing, ten tracks of authentic, ethnic instruments playing Middle Eastern music with funky Hip Hop beat. The deepest drum voice I’ve ever heard stomps through exotic Across the Desert, clearing the way for an intense journey.

Positive Outlook Royalty Free MusicRattle the speakers with quirky, hypnotic Sand of the Street, and add world spice to your Indie Film street-wise scene. Mysterious Thirst for Home, serves as a brooding backdrop with its show, deliberate Hip Hop tone.

Whether serving as a sophisticated smooth jazz bed for voice-overs and corporate communications, (Hip Hop Jazz, from Positive Outlook or punching up your sports footage with classic driving electronica (Total Eclipse, from Street Scene), Royalty Free Hip Hop Music brings out the best in urban dance groove, and makes its presence felt!

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