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Intrigue & TensionSmartSound’s collection of Romantic Royalty-Free Music reflects the gamut of what romantic really means, not just the preoccupation with love or the idealism of it. It also represents the love of adventure, the love of what’s beautiful in life, or being smitten with the delightfulness of one’s own family.

Album Midnight Moods is especially rich in exotic possibilities of a romantic, and even dangerous adventure. Check out Deep Tangier and Dangerous Passion to add drama and intrigue to your set. Gritty, yet seductive Impulse is bound to take your courageous heroes to at least three continents before resolving After Midnight at the denouement in a quiet Paris jazz bar!

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Published on: July 30, 2014

Suspenseful Suspenseful Royalty Free Music from SmartSound brings up the anxiety with pulsating electronica or somber strings, with a little Secret Agent thrown in.

Aptly named for the product line that keeps us all in suspense, iPulse from Ambient Pulse provides a futuristic atmosphere so subtle it almost seems to be not there, like the addiction you keep trying to forget (not a chance!) Science videos, or suspense projects needing an electronic edge are good spots for this synthesizer piece.

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Published on: July 28, 2014

HappySmartSound’s Happy Royalty Free Music swings along through countless genres from kid stuff to country to retro. Dance to it, drive to it, or just grin ear to ear, but no sad faces will be left behind.

A few strong “Heys” from the chorus keep the fun from being completely electronic in Hella Fun from album Phat Grooves. You can almost see everyone on the dance floor making those flat circles with their fists to match gyrating hips. Pure hip-hop, this track almost yells ‘flash mob’ since everyone will know the moves, and moving is what it’s all about for this lively urban scene!

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Published on: July 25, 2014

Swing bandsSmartSound’s Uplifting Royalty Free Music can be found in hundreds of tracks and dozens of genres, from Corporate to R&B/Soul to orchestral grandeur, and more. It’s a key element in any good story, when the heroine finds her own strength, the country finds its inspiration, the child finds his courage.

Elbow Grease from Spring Cleaning: Think Gwyneth Paltrow and her buddy fixing up the office for her fledgling new business in Sliding Doors. Even if your viewers hate that kind of work, they’re going to be leaping into the screen to lend a hand, or at the very least, tapping some encouraging toes.

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Published on: July 21, 2014

mystical By definition “mystical” relates to religious mysticism, or to inspiring mystery, awe or fascination. SmartSound Mystical Royalty Free Music echoes the spiritual ties to exotic, unfamiliar lands with its 68 tracks of primarily New Age-style music.

Angelic strings in Ancient Cities create a sense of peace and wonder ideal for Meditation or Spoken Word/Narration projects. The expansive track from Distant Worlds gives no hint where in time we might be, in the distant past, or the distant future, looking back at the cities of today. Fear is unknown in the magical world evoked.

Travel and Documentary projects are good locations for Ethnic Ensemble background from World Tour, Mystical Karma. Consisting of quiet East Indian percussive variations, it flows with hypnotic ease in World style.

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Published on: July 18, 2014

With video games having exploded into a multibillion-dollar business, delivering a unique player experience is more important than ever. Choosing the right royalty free video game music is an important building block in the creation of a complete virtual world.

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Published on: July 15, 2014

Classical Suite #1Hope springs eternal in the human breast, and never more so than at a wedding. Traditional Royalty Free WeddingMusic from SmartSound underpins the hope that this marriage, at least, will last as long as the traditions it embodies. Whether your wedding scene is a heartfelt reflection of serious intentions, or a tongue-in-cheek contrast to the bride and groom’s real chances of keeping the knot tied for good, one of these tracks will supply the grandeur you need.

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Published on: July 10, 2014

Final CountdownSmartSound’s orchestral TV music adds depth and dimension to the medium, which can be lighter than big screen movie fare. Call on the orchestra to make any scene majestic or ground it in a certain importance, regardless of the overall tone of the scene, from intensely serious to just barely there.

The foe gathers slowly and stealthily at first in Enemy Swarm with descriptive variations like “Lurk,” “Get Out,” and “Scramble” from Final Countdown. This track is good for the slow buildup of tension, and is designed, like others in the album to create an ominous yet unobtrusive background.

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Published on: June 30, 2014

Club Scene Reality TV Commercial music from SmartSound brings in the desired counterpoint to the alleged true-life drama of the show, either keeping up the same hectic atmosphere, or switching gears completely to keep viewers grounded.

It’s gonna be a great week with Monday from Core Evolution. Everything looks bright in this Alternative Rock uplifter, with clear electric guitar strumming in the front, and “different drummer” guitar solo rockin around in the background.

Downtown Mix brings us a similar tempo with Smooth Ride, a competitive number with more of a Rap/Hip-Hop edge, and a dark inner-city ambience. Graduating from the Shelter might be the title of this Reality TV show.

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Published on: June 27, 2014

Urban DramaCommercials are 15-60 second mini-stories that have to get to point in mere seconds, SmartSound TV Commercial Music offers fast and rich scene-setting backgrounds, so you can sell the idea over the course of a few breaths.

Use On My Way-JE from album Jade Element to describe the dreary “before” transportation scene in a TV car commercial with a little angst-infused vocals such as “riding this train till it sets me free.” –then segue to energizing release with the heroic strains of Approaching the Gates, from motivating Will to Succeed. Bold brass, especially trumpet and trombone resurrect vehicular joy with panache

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Published on: June 20, 2014