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SmartSound is your one-stop shop for award-winning royalty-free music for all of your projects; whether in need of a pulsing news beat or an unfolding story line for a morning show, entertainment news or world news, SmartSound has the broadcast news theme you need.

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Published on: March 02, 2015

In the mood for some Fantasy Music? SmartSound has the high-quality, award-winning music you need. With our original, customizable and royalty-free music tracks, your project will be unique every time.

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Published on: February 23, 2015

SmartSound's selection of Futuristic Video Game Music lends an ethereal quality to your video games.

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Published on: February 19, 2015

SmartSound's selection of Haunting Video Game Music will give your video game that scary feeling, or it might be used to create even more suspense when needed.

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Published on: February 13, 2015

Corporate communications music has traditionally painted a rosy picture regardless of what’s actually going on. This can be a good thing, since many “goals” in life take longer than the time frame we first hoped for, but eventually they get to good, or even great. SmartSound’s Corporate Communications library always leaves room for realism and dreams of better times to come in the company.

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Published on: February 09, 2015

OutdoorsyLike a modern rancher that keeps track of her herd by GPS and laptop, Outdoorsy Royalty Free Music from SmartSound combines the refreshing vibe of the big outdoors with instruments used in new and confident ways.

For Corporate Communication of a company that prides itself on stepping out of the mold, New Age Ensemble synthesizer and piano flow along the path Less Traveled in an airy, uplifting score from Discovery. Solid percussion backs up the synthesizer in departures that keep listeners wondering just what instrument’s making that sound, riveting enough to keep their attention on the intriguing subject of the video, whatever it be.

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Published on: February 06, 2015

Royalty Free Trailer MusicTrailer music has a vital role to fill in filmography. The advance guard of marketing; it needs to convey the essence of the movie in 2 minutes, 30 seconds or less, along with strategically selected scenes. Often the trailer music does not even appear in the film, as the trailer must be produced up to a year before the movie’s release date, and the music score is usually the last creative work on the film.

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Published on: February 04, 2015

Fear of the future gets concentrated and distilled in futuristic movies—they always seem apocalyptic—why is that?—and SmartSound Futuristic Royalty Free Music delivers the goods for electronic scariness and power.

In the way that most all trailers amp up the drama of any coming attraction, Cybershark from Massive Edge Orchestral pulls out all the stops in the Studio Orchestra and Synthesizer’s repertoire to paint a fierce, extreme picture of the future. Video Games are another venue for the intense chaotic stylings of this track.

Commercials that march to a different drummer could do worse than call on Ultra Pop’s Analog Dance. This concentrated track has something for everyone, from future rock kitsch (with variations like Gnarly, Funky, and Get Ready—where’s Austin Powers when we need him?) to electronic machine gun fire to pizzicato strings.

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Published on: January 20, 2015

Your character is lost in a futuristic city, surrounded by the corruption of an evil government. You're going to need an epic soundtrack, to go along with your heroism in this futuristic city. Luckily SmartSound offers high end royalty free electronic video game tracks to fit the cyberpunk vibe you are trying to obtain.

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Published on: January 16, 2015

Often times, sports productions can become more exciting with newer age pop music to solidify the background. Here’s a selection of SmartSound’s library that contains pop music that’s perfect for sports.

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Published on: January 12, 2015