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Happy Outdoorsy Music Leave it to SmartSound

Oodles of productions, commercials, games and videos benefit from happy, outdoorsy background music with its positive and uplifting vibe. Creating just the right background music for a refreshing or inspirational scene can be found with happy, outdoorsy music. Nothing kills a good mood more than the wrong music.

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Published on: April 20, 2015

Serious Spy Royalty Free MusicName That Song

You can probably hum the theme song to James Bond, the Pink Panther or Mission: Impossible—all memorable spy movies with music which helped catapult these movie franchises to the top of classic movie charts. Villains, spies and secret agents all benefit from tension-laden spy music. Score your next serious spy scene with music from the SmartSound’s expansive royalty free library and cue up a soundtrack that will load your scenes with drama and tension.

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Published on: April 17, 2015

Folk Violin MusicFoot Stompin’ Folk

Everyone has a favorite song that makes them jump up, start stomping their heels, clapping their hands and twirling around. Often, these tunes are folk songs with their merry fiddles, mandolins, violins and banjos which create lively, rollicking tunes that reach to the heart of who we are. Every culture in the world claims their own folk music which originates in their unique oral tradition and is generally of unknown authorship as it’s been transmitted through multiple generations. Today’s composers are inspired by and imitate folk music of old with a bevy of newer folk music styles.

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Published on: April 13, 2015

Light, upbeat royalty free music is an ideal background for commercials, informational videos and corporate training pieces. If you operate a business that uses an automated customer service system, engaging your listeners with pleasant, easy-listening music while they’re on hold is a proven strategy. At SmartSound Royalty Free Music, we’ve built a large library of optimistic and cheerful background music that’s ideal for a wide range of applications.

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Published on: April 07, 2015

Whatever the style of cooking demoed in your production, you want to make it seem, well, easy as pie. SmartSound’s Royalty Free Cooking Music keeps it light and upbeat, conveying that all this cooking skill is well within viewers’ reach.

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Published on: April 03, 2015

HappySmartSound’s Happy Royalty Free Music swings along through countless genres from kid stuff to country to retro. Dance to it, drive to it, or just grin ear to ear, but no sad faces will be left behind.

A few strong “Heys” from the chorus keep the fun from being completely electronic in Hella Fun from album Phat Grooves. You can almost see everyone on the dance floor making those flat circles with their fists to match gyrating hips. Pure hip-hop, this track almost yells ‘flash mob’ since everyone will know the moves, and moving is what it’s all about for this lively urban scene!

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Published on: April 02, 2015

Goofy, Silly & SweetKids are natural comedians, so kids and comedy songs go hand in hand, especially for home videos, animation, comedies, and video games. SmartSound’s collections of Royalty Free Music for Kids and Comedy Productions run the gamut of wacky possibilities, from sixties cartoon spoofs to rollicking circus numbers and Vintage Comedy tracks.

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Published on: April 01, 2015

Royalty Free Animation MusicMuch of SmartSound's Royalty Free Animation Music is geared towards all things children's cartoons; playful, wacky, or even circus-like. However, animation has come a long way in recent decades, and animation venues for teens and adults have exploded. SmartSound's music library boasts sophisticated tracks to back up those projects as well.

In Richard Band Volume 5 – Comedy a large, live studio orchestra creates the wacky wherewithal to skid through classic cartoon shorts, or any comedic scene. Orchestra and strings, particularly xylophone and woodwinds, bob through the antics in Just Ducky a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek track just right for Home Videos and Comedy, as well as Animation.

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Published on: March 31, 2015

Looking for Vocal Excitement?

Exciting Vocal Music

Looking for Vocal Excitement?
Trek right over to the track When you Run From Me for some exciting vocal music from the incredible Nova Page and 21AD whose indie-pop songs let projects soar with their infectious and dramatic punch. Nova Page’s vocal lyrics have been heard as jingles, in commercials and marketing campaigns. Check out the entire album but be sure to give a quick listen to When you Run From Me for a stellar indie cut that’s driving and energetic with emotional vocals and pulsating electronics.

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Published on: March 30, 2015

Epic Royalty Free MusicEpic Background Music is generally heroic, majestic, and spectacular and often narrates remarkable achievements or events that are impressively great in nature. Daring and valiant feats are accomplished with sweeping strings and thunderous percussion perfectly placed within an epic score. Epic adventures are often ripe with tall tales of legendary heroes and a production scored with Epic Background Music ensures a dramatic and grand entrance for worthy scenes.

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Published on: March 27, 2015