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emotional Emotional Royalty Free Music can be heartwarming, reflective, or romantic, though it tends to focus more on the more tender side of romantic, in SmartSound’s collection.

Versatile Rain Over Paris is at home in not only Commercials, but also Suspense projects or Indie Films where the final resolution is still up in the air. Musically, this poignant tune from Ultra Pop relies on the latest in electronica sound effects, and more traditional orchestral elements in tandem. Driving percussion weighs in with March/Patriot ambience as well.

As melancholy as its title, Leaving Home from album Sunday Matinee focuses on the bittersweet aspects of parting from the home place. Quiet piano overlays the orchestral in a track that is all emotional ballad. A short trill of flute intervenes at the ¾ mark – a smile in the midst of the tears.

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Published on: August 22, 2014

Fear of the future gets concentrated and distilled in futuristic movies—they always seem apocalyptic—why is that?—and SmartSound Futuristic Royalty Free Music delivers the goods for electronic scariness and power.

In the way that most all trailers amp up the drama of any coming attraction, Cybershark from Massive Edge Orchestral pulls out all the stops in the Studio Orchestra and Synthesizer’s repertoire to paint a fierce, extreme picture of the future. Video Games are another venue for the intense chaotic stylings of this track.

Commercials that march to a different drummer could do worse than call on Ultra Pop’s Analog Dance. This concentrated track has something for everyone, from future rock kitsch (with variations like Gnarly, Funky, and Get Ready—where’s Austin Powers when we need him?) to electronic machine gun fire to pizzicato strings.

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Published on: August 18, 2014

GoofyUnless you’re in Scrooge-mode, Goofy Royalty Free Music is about synonymous with comedy and fun. SmartSound delivers on the promise with circus-like to dream-like tracks ranging from tongue-in-cheek to orchestral.

Delightful and lively enough to back up the most energetic kids-at-play scene, Thrillls and Spills trots out all vibrant, unusual instruments to create its sprightly ambience. Tubas, fifes, cheerful strings, light percussion instruments all take their bows in this winsome track from Sunday Matinee.

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Published on: August 15, 2014

Royalty Free Film MusicThe Smartsound advantage makes Smartsound's Royalty Free Music a natural for film scoring. Not only do their nearly 4000 tracks give amazing variety and synchronicity among similar albums, but each song can be added to or subtracted from, to create an infinite number of variations; enough to populate a lengthy movie.

Take the luminous strains of Unrevealed Truth, from Indie Score, a pensive, orchestral song using Piano, Chimes, and Marimba in addition to Studio Orchestra to create great depth expressing moods, from suspenseful to desolate.

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Published on: August 14, 2014

Bring in SmartSound’s Quiet Royalty Free Music for the ethereal and/or cerebral sections of your productions, when a lot of thinking, brooding or just daydreaming is going on. The action has faded to silence for the time being, and the music reflects the rich world of the inner landscape.

From Indie Film 02, subtle Attrition demonstrates how just a few notes in a narrow range can yet weave a complex tapestry of sound. Bring this minimalist tract on board for a transition section in a TV or Film Drama where someone is traveling to destination with an uncertain outcome awaiting, or making little headway mulling over a serious decision. Electric guitar provides counterpoint to an incessant background.

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Published on: August 11, 2014

Fun Royalty Free Music SmartSound Fun Royalty Free Music doesn’t stint on the interpretations of what’s fun; here a goofy kid’s circus track, there a punk visit to modern lounge electronica, then a trip down memory lane in a boat of a convertible.

Like something out of a John Hughes film Elektrik Skyline pulses with Electronic life, setting up the club for sleek, shiny fun in Daft Punk style. A deep electronic base anchors the track in a futuristic kind of home; one of the variations is called ‘Robot Love,’ another ‘Electro Punk.’ Put this danceable track to work for Commercials and Home Videos.

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Published on: August 08, 2014

Royalty Free Dramatic MusicDramatic Royalty Free Music from Smartsound describes all that life drama itself ranges through from moving, to vivid, to startling, to theatrical. With "serious" its middle name, dramatic music can range from wildly crashing and thunderous, to confrontive, to tender and poignant.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of Smartsound albums contain dramatic music — here’s a few that really turn up the intensity.

Rich orchestral album Emotional Depth creates positive, high-drama venues for passions, both personal and political, in your characters’ lives.

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Published on: August 07, 2014

Sad songs have a certain stoicism to them, a sense of forebearing and strength to get through the hardest things life throws at us. SmartSound’s collection of Sad Royalty Free Music does justice to the dignity and courage of those bear it and remain upright.

Fragile Dream manages to sound both sad and uplifting at the same time; a backdrop to solemnity that does not utterly cast down, like seeing an elderly loved one finally released from a painful terminal illness. It could also describe the first stirrings of hope after a long, sad time such as a protracted war. Use this poignant track from Tender Moments for Tribute/Memorial, Religion or Nature footage.

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Published on: August 04, 2014

SomberStrings and piano dominate SmartSound’s Somber Royalty Free Music offerings. Serious, poignant, and lyrical they offer the dignified musical backing for the saddest scenes in your repertoire, the ones that show your video is grounded in real life in all its variations.

Whether for Action-Drama, or some scene of poignant retrospective March of Remembrance from album Narration Backgrounds II, keeps up an orchestral, serious pace. Strings, and sparse but heavy percussion create the ominous mood of inevitability.

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Published on: August 01, 2014

Intrigue & TensionSmartSound’s collection of Romantic Royalty-Free Music reflects the gamut of what romantic really means, not just the preoccupation with love or the idealism of it. It also represents the love of adventure, the love of what’s beautiful in life, or being smitten with the delightfulness of one’s own family.

Album Midnight Moods is especially rich in exotic possibilities of a romantic, and even dangerous adventure. Check out Deep Tangier and Dangerous Passion to add drama and intrigue to your set. Gritty, yet seductive Impulse is bound to take your courageous heroes to at least three continents before resolving After Midnight at the denouement in a quiet Paris jazz bar!

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Published on: July 30, 2014