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New Royalty Free Ochestral Drama

January 05, 2012 From delicate and soft, to brooding and suspenseful, the Royalty Free Music Collection Orchestral Drama describes drama in all its forms. The range of this album is amazing in its emotional content, starting with what you might call "drama's drama."

Nothing could convey the relentless sadness of war better than Battlefield. Suitable for tribute/memorial, film trailer, or Indie film this song uses orchestra, acoustic guitar and strings to convey tranquil interludes that are part of the fabric of battle without letting up on the poignancy of the scene.

Composer Yuri Sazonoff's Brand New Day brings a gentle, touching lilt both tender and dramatic to grace a TV/film drama or trailer, as do the delicate melodic strains of Sazonoff's Sincerity, also in this album. Compare it to similar tracks on Inspiring Beauty.

Beautiful, and inspiring, are words that spring to mind about mellow, heartwarming Eternal Flame. The melody is flawlessly detailed by the string section of the orchestra, and exhibits great range even within the track.

Our favorite, and ideal for film trailers and other projects of great portent, would be I Will Go On. It’s exciting tempo leaves no doubt that dramatic events are unfolding.

The drama turns downright scary in the horror-infused New Delirium. Dissonant and sinister, this haunting track has all the ominous, brooding action you need for your next horror, action-drama or Indie film.

The more upbeat side of epic is brought to you with the outstanding brass highlights in processional, majestic Olympic Bed. This inspirational track works well for film trailer, sports sequences, and action-dramas.

You can hear the raindrops starting and the air shivering in calm, tender, Summer Rain. Romantic and magical, this touching piece uses orchestra and chimes to convey the delicate side of the scene.

Vindication expresses the driving force of the righteous in the final, brooding track of Orchestral Drama.

Action, drama, and suspense as well as warmth and poignancy are all present in this stirring album, with enough emotional range to flawlessly score any serious film project.

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