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New Royalty Free Music – Horizons

June 25, 2012 Urban Drama Royalty Free MusicLike other aspects of commercial advertising, royalty free corporate music is intended to sell a product, a corporate culture, or a dream, in an upbeat, influential way. Smartsound’s new release, Horizons, by Kevin Harris, delivers maximum flexibility with multi-layer tracks. Acoustic guitars and rhythm section are featured on this album, a perfect set for corporate/industrial videos, websites, and presentations.

These percussive tracks were composed with corporate communications in mind—Commercials, Products Videos, Public Service Announcements, On-Hold Music. But their uplifting atmosphere is suitable for many other video projects, where forward-looking is in order, such as Home Videos, Sports scenes, or Action-Drama denouements—(think Tom Cruise finishing off the bad guys and picking up his interrupted vacation where he left off in Mission Impossible II!)

Easy-going Emotional Appeal pairs Electric Guitar and Electric Piano for a pulsating background well-suited for friendly reunions and work-driven montages. Replace the Electric Guitar with Acoustic, and pick up the pace with cheerful, motivating Good Intentions.

Many motivating moods and riffs come together in Illumination-KH, a positive track that complements race-day visuals, or the start of a new day. Your protagonist has just realized she’s making things way too complicated in her life, and heartwarming, laid-back Inspired Design describes her new direction perfectly.

I love the cool key change in Line by Line, a percussive tune that drives the scene, in such a relaxed way as to seem effortless. Add sophistication to Home Videos or Commercials with this one. 

Whether you need to promote drive and excitement, as in Quality Control, or passion and intensity, as in spirited, hopeful Split Level, Smartsound’s new release Horizons fills the bill for all your energetic, forward-looking scenes!    

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