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New Orchestral Music on 'Inspiring Beauty'

December 30, 2011 One of Inspiring Beauty's composers, Yuri Sazonoff brings an incomparably diverse background to the production of this orchestral album of dramatic beauty and deep emotion. He has been writing and producing music for broadcast film scores, television programs, live concerts and more, across three continents, for nearly twenty years.

After graduating with a master’s degree in composition from Moscow State Conservatory, Sazonoff started his career as an in-house composer/arranger for Video Film Moscow. His versatile grasp of orchestral, ethnic, and electronic genres brought him later to many assignments in Germany, and finally, Toronto, Canada.

The Royalty Free Music on Inspiring Beauty demonstrates his ability to seamlessly bled symphonic music, with electronica, rock, jazz, or ethno music for large-scale productions as well as your own aspiring cinematic efforts. Documentaries, commercials or nature films will benefit from the positive force of Discovery-YS, a new-age orchestral piece combining orchestra, synthesizer, flute, percussion, piano, and strong vocals in fierce, powerful style. Compare it to Ancient Prophecies, from the Theatrical Impact album.

Our favorite is Song of Glory, adaptable to Sports videos, documentaries and Video games. It’s uplifting and epic strains forge ahead with a purpose, adding bold, anthemic power that sweeps you along. For a change of pace, bring in the fierce pulsating tones of Time Traveler, featuring orchestra, synthesizer, and French horn for an inspiring piece punctuated with digital accents.

The album opens and closes with shimmering poignant cuts from composer John Heberman. Combining classical orchestral instruments, with piano, to create a Romantic, tranquil, delicate scene, By Golden Pond is a beautiful choice for big-screen emotional moments, whether used in a cinematic role or a documentary.

Two melancholy outings, Lost, and Yearning for Love, add mysterious, sad, noir accents, yet with considerable variety within the songs themselves, perfect for cinematic or action-drama projects, when drama and emotion are uppermost.

Inspiring Beauty is an album of great depth and class, bringing out the best in classical feel with a modern electronic touches for an ageless touch to your production efforts.

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