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New Music - Going Green

April 16, 2014

New album going green

Light, easy and infectious tracks with a crisp, clean production value, simple musical approach and unique instrumentation. Pulsating percussion and other unique elements intertwine with various guitars, keyboards and coloristic accents to create activity with a purpose. SmartSound's unique multi-layer music controls in both our Cloud system and in Sonicfire Pro allow for even more creative blending of the mixes to evoke a wide palette of moods ideal for many creative media productions.

Blue Marble

A compelling track with unique and interesting percussive elements, producing a very clean sound. With its modern yet uncluttered style, this track could work for many filmic and advertising situations.

Cleaner And Leaner

Bright and pulsating, but with a simple backdrop, this track creates forward motion while still evoking a sense of ease.

Conscious Consumption

A simple and easygoing track with muted and open acoustic guitars resulting in a nice free-wheeling feel. Rounded out with very simple percussion and base.

Conserve And Preserve

A sparse intro with a light marimba and a simple upper range acoustic guitar develops into a very positive track creating a strong sense of atmosphere.

Earth Works

Piano and light wooden percussion make for a sound at once earthy yet modern. A relaxed but steady pulse pervades throughout.

Full Circle

Piano and light wooden percussion make for a sound at once earthy yet modern. A relaxed but steady pulse pervades throughout.

Hybrid Time

A soft driving sound is developed by hand drums, acoustic guitar and a sweet-toned harp whose slightly digital sound creates a sense of new and familiarity at the same time.

Recycle Cycle

A track with a soft sense of real energy. As it develops it gets increasingly engaging bringing the listener along with its softly energetic ride.

Saving Mother Earth

Lightly pulsating, clean-sounding electric guitars give way to an earthy, acoustic guitar sound, underscored by simple percussion and a chordal pattern to match. Another track drawing the listener in on its journey.

Smarter Choices

A repeating pattern of bell-like guitar, unique percussion with simple splashes of piano and a sparse, clear base, form a highly engaging track. At once interesting and yet easy to listen to.

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