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June 13, 2012 Corporate Royalty Free Music - ProgressComposer Kevin Harris, at the helm of Smartsound’s new corporate royalty free music release, Progress, has contributed to no less than 10 albums for Smartsound. Most of them are in the dynamic, upbeat genre of acoustic backgrounds for videos, websites, and presentation narration. The one exception is a couple of tracks from Love Stories, which, nevertheless, maintain the mellow atmosphere that is his signature style.

Check out the musical arrangement styles available for motivating track Akoustic. Labeled "Cruisin,' Blue, Space, Trendy," and "I Concur." These styles symbolize the easy-going nature of this warm acoustic guitar song, geared to making your corporate client look better than they ever dreamed possible!

Start out the day at the office with refreshing Bee Pea Em, and you may forget how much you think you need coffee! This subtle, beautiful song adapts well to corporate communications, commercials, science, and training videos, as well as regular films.

Dance Expanse appears to move slower, but keeps a definite, positive beat. The melody, featuring strong acoustic guitar riffs and keys, moves forward in a hopscotch-y pattern with a purpose!

We especially like hopeful Four Times, a versatile track suitable for Corporate/Industrial projects, as well as film and television. Platinum Pulse, and Pulse Eight are two upbeat songs that could be used together on a project, showing progress and change, while keeping underlying values of liveliness, plus calm, consistent.

Listen for multiple key changes amid a driving beat in keyboard track Steele Groove, and build up the corporate energy with Thump, a driving backdrop to Travel Videos, Commercials, and Corporate Communications.

A variety of tempos grace Smartsound’s new release, Progress. Mix and match for a dependable, upbeat framework for ideas in action in corporate, and other forward-looking productions.

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