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New Music – Beauty and Strength

June 18, 2012 Cinematic Royalty Free MusicSmartSound’s new release, Beauty and Strength, joins Dramatic Stories and Narration Backgrounds from composer Francisco Becker in a beautiful new collection of orchestral moods. This Chilean - Italian pianist and composer studied music from primary school through college, earning a degree in "Specialist in Arrangement and Composition of Modern Music" from the Institute of Modern Music, Santiago, Chile.

Perfect for dramatic turns of events, Braving The Elements switches gears suddenly from lyrical, delicate string and woodwind melodies, to intense, driving action with deep bass. Add this powerful and versatile track to your next Film Trailer, Video Game, or Epic Cinematic project.

    Similarly, heroic The Torment of a Warrior begins on a somber note, with brass and violin, then builds to a fierce, exciting climax with Action-Drama power.

Brooding Epic Fantasy starts out haunting and dramatic, and continues in the same vein, building in intensity and suspense—a perfect foil for armies marching and villains plotting.

Several of the songs on Beauty and Strength take a lighter-hearted, even romantic tone. Documentaries, Film Trailers, and Epics benefit from heartwarming Jeremiad, a bold yet reflective piece to support historical visuals, romance, and maybe even incidental sports scenes. Playful flute melody interweaves with French horn to give this track an overture or medley feel.

If Alice in Wonderland had met up with the Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingdom Hearts would perfectly describe their adventure across the high seas. Emotional and poignant, thanks to a dancing violin melody, Kingdom Hearts would lighten up the Pirate hearts, if ever a song could.

If your Video Game or Epic adventure features a female heroine, tender, yet empowering Poignant Reflection backs her up very well, with orchestra and piano.

Frenzied passages star in Heroic Overture, and Ultimate Will, the latter bringing in woodwinds and celesta to accent its noir, incessant beat.

The album wraps up with somber, mystical Utopian Journey, a hypnotic track with an upbeat undertone made for fantasy/mystery plots and adventurous stories.

Classically trained on oboe, clarinet, and piano, with detours into Latin jazz and swing in Germany, Francisco Becker brings a lush landscape of experience to Smartsound’s newest release, Beauty and Strength. Call on this superlative album for Film Drama style ranging from heart-breaking to heart-pounding, and everything dramatic in between.

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