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New Album - Phat Grooves

April 04, 2014

Reality contest album

Fat, blunt hip-hop beats straight out of the West Coast. Set a grooving, laid-back vibe for your scenes with these rolling beats and big bass lines.

Tracks on the album

At The Crib

A fun but serious hip hop ride, great for scenes of friends kicking back and relaxing. Also good for sports reels.


Plunge into a deeper place with this laid-back trip of a track. A cool hip hop understatement, perfect for serene city night scenes.

Better Dayz

This smooth, retro-tinged groove gets your scenes in a positive mood. Great for nightlife footage.

Deep Flow

Latin flavors mesh with grooving hip hop to create a fresh sound. Unobtrusive and smooth, it can make any scene more mellow.

Good Nite

Ethereal, gentle sounds backed by hip hop rhythms set a mysterious and sensual feel. Perfect for those late nights and intimate encounters.

Hella Fun

Drop the top and cruise the streets to this rolling, fun party track. Pure hip hop pleasure, complete with vocal punctuation.

Kool Down

A pulsing, easy-going streetwise statement. Fat bass and incessant piano lead the way.

Outside Inside

When the sun goes down, it's time to get the party started with this funky track. This straightforward groove is just right for upbeat times in any subject.


A touch of mystery pervades this laid-back ride. Great when showing the unknown nature of the future.

Serious Biz

It's nothing but a groove thang in this serious street-ready statement. Quirky synth elements are sprinkled over a solid, straight-ahead beat.

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