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New Album - Final Countdown

April 01, 2014

Final Countdown album

Backgrounds for scenes of drama, action and suspense; music designed to be unintrusive while fully underscoring the mood of production.

Tracks on the album

Blue Squadron

A pulsing and dramatic tale unfolds in this background selection. Studio string section adds to the depth.

Digital Undercurrents

A cool dramatic bed with a careful, precise steady flow. Bluesy lead plays over the proceedings.

Enemy Swarm

Impending events take shape in this dramatic and punchy score. Geared for building intensity in your time-sensitive plot.

On My Signal

Stealthy strings and percussion pave the way for intrigue and dramatic turning points to come. A great suspense-builder.

Scoping The Target

A steady and suspenseful orchestral texture waits in the shadows for the next call to action. Ideal as a general bed in your tale of intrigue.

Steeped In Darkness

Sparse and desolate, this piano feature paints a bleak picture. Use to add suspense or to illustrate a solemn mood.

The Last Mile

This introspective track with minimal piano accents brings a sense of longing or reflection to the story.

The Next Move

A wave of solemn strings and sparse percussion make this an ideal backdrop to most any dramatic plotline.


A suspense-filled track that works best when the climax is about to begin on stage. A great bridge between a moment of rest to when the big showdown occurs.

While They Sleep

A building, dramatic processional with a methodical beat. Good for backing unfolding events.

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