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New Album - Case Closed

March 24, 2014

Live Wire Album

A cool collection of fun, energetic and dramatic tracks to increase the heart rate of your next production - music that will add intensity to your scenes of surveillance, suspense, chase and capture. Case closed.

Album Tracks for Case Closed

Future Calling

Swirling synths and pounding rhythms permeate this striving track. Orchestral strings add an expansive element.

Grease The Wheel

An edgy funk-rock background, great for scenes needing something slick and greasy.

Held For Ransom

Sneaky and slick, this streetwise cut is ready for the latest investigation to begin. A funky backdrop for suspenseful scenarios.

Justified Move

Driving and funky, this upbeat track can make a big scene even bigger. A rockin' attention-grabber, great for intros and openings.

Make The Switch

This cool, slick and secretive groove can fit like a glove in your next thriller.

Not This Time

Soulful guitar and a laid-back groove make this cut a versatile choice for a variety of situations.


Building and growing with skittering strings, this edgy cut can help amp up the intensity of the scene.

Real Gone

A crisp and funky background that can slick up the proceedings. Try out in scenes showing the passage of time.


A smooth shuffle groove that can slide under any project. Pulsing synth and pads keep the mellow vibe going.

Too Much Funk

Big, driving and funky, this party-ready cut is primed for the big time. Great for closing credits.

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