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New Album - Amp It Up

March 26, 2014

Direct Consequences Album

Guitar bands that heat it up, smoke it and burn it. Hard edged the way you want it.

Tracks On Amp It Up

Close To The Edge

The big, epic sound from this straight-ahead rocker can really expand the viewer's experience. Brooding verses give way to amped up choruses.

Direct Consequences

Heavy, hard and on the move, this metal-tinged rocker can put a sharp edge on your action-filled visuals. Features soaring lead guitar lines.

Energy To Burn

This wild, out-of-control rock cut drives hard, bringing a big edgy sound to your productions. Use on extreme sports or high action footage.

Fractal Frequencies

A sleek and stealthy groove geared to slip under the radar. Good for underscoring technological subject matter. Features Rhodes keyboard.

Hang On Tight

This big rock anthem bursts on the scene with a rousing chorus. Great as introductory material for high energy sports. Introspective verse sections make for good voice-over scoring.

Hunt 'Em Down

Major crunchy guitar work takes the stage here in this hard-edged road-worthy ride. Great for rough, long-haul road footage.


Angry and intense, this scathing metal track will peel the paint off your toughest subjects. Features pummeling rhythm guitar work.

Live And Let Live

Sweeping lead lines and raw rhythm guitars make this rock cut an attention-grabber. Try it on extreme sporting scenes.

No Holding Back

This progressive-jazz-influenced rock track is primed to keep the progress in motion. Try out on hard-edged corporate scenarios.

Under The Gun

A dark and brooding rocker that can add some deep color to your story. Works well as a backdrop for edgy subjects.

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