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Lively JazzLively Jazz pieces have the power to bring you back to a time when bands had a big, full sound and fedoras were originally in style. SmartSound’s collection is robust and offers tracks that are a perfect time capsule of the jazz era.

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Published on: September 22, 2014

Mellow JazzMellow jazz music can be used to portray several different scenarios: beach scenes, romance, coffeehouses, elevator music, and more. SmartSound has the beats for all these occasions in our in-depth jazz collection. Here are five songs that we would like to highlight to start your browsing off right:

Looking to escape for a while? Westwind is a jazzy cut can underscore all sorts of projects, from travel stories to corporate videos. It features acoustic guitar and a groovy bass line that will have listeners thinking about a special time they spent on a white, sandy beach. This and other tunes from the Travel & Leisure album help you to relax and unwind with casual music for your travel footage. Whether taking a stroll in the plaza or going for a weekend jaunt, these tracks are the perfect travel companions.

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Published on: September 19, 2014

Vocal JazzA singer in a jazz tune can add a whole new element to either a slow, silky number or a fast, racing beat that has the ability to blow you back with its huge sound. It’s hard to imagine what great jazz songs would have sounded like without vocalists like Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and others at the front. SmartSound channels some of the greats of yesteryear with its vocal jazz collection – it is sure to truly reach listeners with the added instrument of the voice.

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Published on: September 15, 2014

Home Cooking

It's the soundtrack for strolls down big city streets, the sunny deck of a private pool at a Miami resort, a pensive moment on an isolated California beach. A warm saxophone sets the tone, a piano answers and perhaps an acoustic guitar interrupts the conversation.

It's smooth jazz and very few musical styles have the ability to create a distinctive backdrop for so many different scenes. If your next production calls for musical accompaniment that can be both unobtrusive and filled with personality, consider one of SmartSound Inc’s distinctive royalty free smooth jazz collections.

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Published on: June 17, 2014

Nu JazzJazz and funky sport a natural synergy, like bread and balsamic. SmartSound’s vast collection of Funky Royalty Free Jazz Music brings you what you need in all that’s smooth, sparky, and leisurely.

Check out earlier suggestions in a post from June 4, 2013, when Funky Royalty Free Music was the topic.


Singing saxophone and cool piano strike up a slick collaboration in Stephan Sechi’s Da Vibe from Acid Jazz Vol. 2. Bring this hip hop background in for infusing club scenes or pretend tough guy acts with the required funky foundation. Smooth vocals add to the groove.

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Published on: January 10, 2014

Royalty Free Jazz Music

Royalty Free Jazz Music kicks it with over 220 tracks from SmartSound. It sparked the conversation back on December 20th, 2011, and several new albums keep up the tradition of the sophisticated, urban coolness that is jazz.

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Published on: August 23, 2013

Royalty Free Cool Jazz Music

Cool Jazz from SmartSound swims in and out of consciousness, while continuing to weave its magic of laid-back ambience.

From Romance & Memories,After Five,” evokes elegant evenings of subtle candlelight and quiet entertainment. Jazz Combo and Piano strike an urbane, sophisticated mood in this cool jazz ballad, also an effective background track for narration.

A little later in the evening, for On Hold Music, bring out “After Eight,” a jazz outing laced with liquid guitar licks and relaxed piano from album Light and Jazzy . You’ll feel like you just walked into a smoky nightclub, instead sitting on the shelf for your designated “wait time.” Bluesy and intimate, it definitely makes you feel suave and cool, while you cool your heals…

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Published on: August 21, 2013